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Bet …??  We will most certainly have the bus you are looking for.
We will be happy to remodel any bus according to your desires.
Our offers include all common European manufacturers.  We have buses with a capacity for 9 to 90 passengers.
The Technical Control Board situated on-site provides you with the necessary services.

Technical assistance

  • Purchase / exchange as well as trade-in of your used buses.
  • Financing and leasing
  • Full handling of accidental damages
  • Engine and transmission repairs, etc.
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Main examination, exhaust examination and safety checks
  • Shipping
  • Procurement of export custom documentation, Euro 1, supplier declarations, temporary license plates for export purposes, etc.


SARWARY buses … equipped with the engine of success!



About us

Small beginnings developed, in the meantime, to large property of more than 8,000 m². The infrastructure includes large halls, large open spaces, garages and several offices.
Our complete team, with its professional and long-term competence, experience and flexibility, guarantees smooth handling with the highest adherence to delivery dates.

We are international and our employees speak English, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish.


If you request precision & elegance, then choose SARWARY!